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The Colors Music production team is made up of three music producers based in Melbourne Australia with a combined 25 years of experience in producing, songwriting, recording, mixing/sound engineering, and mastering. We are excited to offer our mixing/production services online.

The process of writing, recording and producing a song is incredibly demanding, and mixing is the very last and most crucial step of the process. We are here to elevate your song to a whole new level by helping you make it the best it can be.



About Us

Colors Entertainment – Music Division (Colors Music) is a boutique music production team formed in 1996, working with numbers recording artists, performers & major record companies in various capacities including songwriting, production & release. Colors Music is a collective team of experienced people whose primary objective is to develop musical talent for international release. The vehicle through which we endeavour to achieve this are through our artists, our staff and our ability to invest in the development of artists.
The Colors music team throughout the years have been involved with artist such as recording and producing the
  • “Young Divas” singles and albums.
  • Managing, recording, producing, & releasing BZ’s Australian ARIA Award-winning single Jackie feat Joanne
  • Joanne (Accom) album “Do not disturb”.
  • Recording and producing Peter Andre’s hit single ”Get Down On It” featuring Past to Present.
  • Recording and producing Top 5 single Slinkee Minx “Summer Rain.
  • Recording and producing international artist Emin feat Charly Williams single “Woman”.
  • In 2019 Recording and producing the Australian bachelorette winner “Ali Oetjen” single remake of the classic “ Never knew love like this before”
  • Recording and producing Tv/Radio personality Grant Denyer’s remake of “Kiss you all over”

Also providing remixes of tracks under the pseudonym’s BZ, Pop Embassy, Just Witness & Dogma.

Chris Apostolidis music production team profile
Chris Apostolidis
  • Executive Producer
  • Songwriter / Arranger
  • Producer
  • George Papapetros music production team profile
    George Papapetros
  • Mixing
  • Sound engineer
  • Producer / Production
  • Charly Williams music production team profile
    Charles Williams
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Vocal Producer
  • Mixing/Production
  • Recording Studio

    Our in-house custom built boutique acoustically treated private recording studio combines both digital and analog worlds for modern-day mixing/mastering and producing. 

    Our Works

    Woman Emin feat Charly Williams


    An amazing tribute to all the women in our lives. A brilliant male duet from two artists representing different corners of the Globe. Emin a

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    Born to be mine

    Born To Be Mine

    A sweet uplifting acoustic Pop song portraying Love that has no color or boundaries with “fate” at the driver’s seat.Shot at Miami Beach and Fort

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    Light Up The Sky

    Light Up The Sky

    An emotionally-driven song, full of inspirational plea’s to the world to bring on positive change to the people. Shot in Greece during winter, amongst the

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