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Colors Entertainment – Music Division (Previously Apo International Records) is a boutique music label/production team formed in 1996, working with numbers recording artists, performers & major record companies in various capacities including songwriting, production & release. It became a necessity early in it’s inception for the team to establish it’s own label so as to better assist releasing our recording artist. Colors Entertainment Music is a collective team of experienced people whose primary objective is to develop musical talent for international release. The vehicle through which we endeavour to achieve this are through our artists, our staff and our ability to invest in the development of artists.

Throughout the course of the past 15 plus years the team have been involved with artist such as recording and producing the Young Divas 2 albums “Young Divas”. Managing, recording, producing, & releasing BZ’sĀ ARIA Award winning single Jackie feat Joanne, Joanne (Accom) album “Do not disturb” . Recording and producing Peter Andre’s single”Get Down On It” featuring Past to Present. Recording and producing Slinkee Minx single “Summer Rain”. Recording and producing Emin feat Charly Williams single “Woman”. Also providing remixes of tracks under the pseudonym’s Pop Embassy, Just Witness , Nu-Q, Dogma & BZ.

In recent times the focus of the team has shifted into artist development, spending time to develop each artists sound and song writing abilities.

Some Of Our Past Works